Southend Gun Club AGM & Prize Giving

Southend Gun Club Annual General Meeting & Prize Giving

On Sunday the 25th of February Southend and District Gun Club held their Annual General Meeting and prize giving.

A lively debate was held for a couple of subjects to do with the running of the club but all in all the Committee were thanked for their hard work over the year especially our very own range master Tony Matthews who puts in hours of work every week keeping the ground running as well as setting up shoots and Barry Dobbs who does the thankless task of organising the squads and looking after the finances. As always the Committee stood down and were re-elected as:

ChairpersonRay Dixson

Deputy ChairpersonTrevor Smith

SecretaryBarry Dobbs

Treasurer Barry Dobbs

Range OfficerTony Matthews

CommitteeKeith Murray

We also had a new Committee member join the team which is Tony Mihill.

It was announced that the Committee will be arranging for the car park to be resurfaced and for a new store room and gun room in 2018.

A big thank you was extended to Ken Pierce for his kind donation to the club. Thank You Ken you are a top man.

Then began the prize giving for the different shoots throughout the year. The Winter Series winners for English Skeet, Olympic Skeet, Sporting & ABT were:

Sport Trap at Southend Gun Club

English Skeet
Winner – P Butcher
Runner Up – G Whistler
3rd Place – M Gent

Olympic Skeet
Winner – N Barnes
Runner Up – P Butcher
3rd Place – R Neal

Winner – T Mihill
Runner Up – K Pierse
3rd Place – R Sloley 

Automatic Ball Trap
Winner – T Haywood
Runner Up – P Butcher
3rd Place –B Dobbs

On the 5th of May 2017 we had our Club Olympic Skeet Competition and the results for this were:

ChampionP Butcher (44/50)

Runner Up – R Neal (42/50)

3rd Place – J Pimm (38/50) &  N Barnes (38/50)

Phil Butcher also won the Hurst Memorial Trophy for High Gun.

The FITASC Competition laid on once a year by Tony Matthews hotly contested with the following results:

Champion – C Fry (41/50)

Runner Up – P Butcher (40/50)

3rd Place – T Mihill (39/50)

The SGC Sporting Competition is always a favourite and well attended and the results for this were:

Champion – R Paultard (42/50)

Runner Up – J Pimm (40/50)

3rd Place – C Fry (38/50)

A regular shoot at Southend Gun Club is Automatic Ball Trap but even the members that do not shoot it regularly get involved and this year was no different. The winners were:

Champion – T Hayward (71)

Runner Up – P Butcher (70)

3rd Place – C Greenstead (64)

English Sporting is probably the biggest type of clay shooting that people get involved in and at Southend Gun Club we have many mini sporting shoots throughout the year and Tony Matthews did another excellent job of setting up this year’s layout.

R Paultard English Sporting Champ 2017

I must extended a big thank you to the members that got involved refereeing. The winners were:

Champion – R Paultard (42/50)

Runner Up – J Pimm (40/50)

3rd Place – C Fry (38/50)

The All Round Competition is held over 2 shoots and the top scorers for this were:

All Round Part 1 – P Butcher (91), T Haywood (79) & B Dobbs (79)

All Round Part 2 – R Paultard (87), J Pimm (84) & J Henshaw (79)

Aggregate Champion – J Pimm (160/200)

Aggregate Runner Up – T Mihill (151/200)

Aggregate 3rd Place – P Butcher (133/200)

A variation on the popular Sporting shoot is the Sport Trap and again it was well attended with the top scorers being:

Champion – P Butcher (37/50)

Runner Up – D Mitchell (33/50)

3rd Place – T Haywood (31/50)

A great years shooting and a good set of scores put in for each Competition. Well done lads and Good Luck in the 2018 competitions!

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