Southend & District Gun Club AGM 2020 & Prize Giving

On the 23rd of February Southend & District Gun Club held its AGM and Prize Giving some apologies were received but there was a great turn out by the members.

The previous 2019 AGM minutes were adopted and accounts agreed. The Chairman Trevor Smith then asked all members to be upstanding so we could have a minutes silence to remember our passed members. Following this Trevor thanked the Wednesday crew who do an outstanding job maintaining the ground and the equipment these include Tony Matthews, Barry Dobbs, Mick Keen, Keith Murray & Geoff Whistler. In 2019 & 2020 the Wednesday crew have erected 2 new buildings, replaced our gun room and put a new roof on the club house as well as maintaining our immaculate grounds, a great job appreciated by all the members. Trevor also thanked Deidre Hurst & Phil Saich for their hard work keeping the members well fed and watered.

Barry Dobbs S&DGC Secretary advised the members that we had a good year and despite all the repairs the club was in a great position. Barry also thanked the members for bringing along guests some of which have joined the club as they were so impressed by the shooting and atmosphere at the club.

Trevor Smith then stood down the Committee and re-elections were made with all members re-standing to their present positions with the addition of Mick Keen joining the Committee for 2020. The positions held are,

PresidentRay Dixson

ChairpersonTrevor Smith

Vice ChairpersonTony Mihill

Secretary & TreasurerBarry Dobbs

Range Officer in ChargeTony Matthews

Committee MembersKeith Murray

                                          Mick Keen 

AOB – Tony Mihill discussed that at the Essex CPSA AGM he offered to sponsor a Colts/Juniors day at Southend Gun Club so the colts and juniors presently being mentored by the Essex CPSA Committee could try Olympic Skeet and Automatic Ball Trap.

This was followed by the prize giving which saw the following results from competitions throughout 2019,

English Skeet Champion – A.Pomfret     Runner Up – T.Matthews

English Skeet Doubles Champion – G.Whistler  Runners Up – T.Mihill & J.Pimm

Olympic Skeet Champion – T.Mihill    Runner Up –  J.Waterman

Hurst Memorial (OSK) – T.Mihill

All Round Champion (ESK & OSK) – T.Mihill    Runner Up – J.Pimm

Automatic Ball Trap Champion – A.Pomfret     Runner Up – T.Mihill

FITASC Champion – T.Matthews    Runner Up – G.Whistler

English Sporting Champion – P.Butcher     Runner Up – C.Fry

Combined Sporting & FITASC Champion – T.Matthews   Runner Up – G.Whistler

Russ Wall Memorial Sporttrap – Winner Ken Pierce

Southend Gun Club also runs a Winer Series (league) and the results for this were,

Olympic Skeet Champion – J.Waterman    Runner Up – J.Pimm

English Skeet Champion – T.Mihill    Runner Up – L.Somner

English Sporting Champion – R.Sloley    Runner Up – M.Keen

Automatic Ball Trap Champion – R.Neal    Runner Up – B.Dobbs

The John Smith Memorial for 2019 was won by M.Gent

Trevor Smith thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting for 2020.

Tony Matthews receives his Sporting Trophy from Trevor Smith
Roger Neal receiving his ABT medal
Geoff Whistler receiving his Skeet Doubles Trophy
John Pimm receiving his medal from Trevor Smith