Flurry Day at Southend Gun Club


Southend Gun Club has a lot of traditions and one that’s probably the most fun of the year is our annual flurry day. This year Tony Matthews and Keith Murray put on a great day supported by Trevor Smith, Roy Russell and the money man Barry Dobbs.

The 2 flurries on offer were not made of ice cream but a 1 man 20 bird or 40 bird 2 man flurry. Lots of people tried but no one could straight either set up. Clive Fry and Geoff Whistler came close on the 1 man flurry with 19 each and both walked off announcing “I’m having another go at that”. The highest 2 man team was again Clive Fry and myself Tony Mihill and we managed to get a 38 out of the 40.

The club did lay on a pool shoot and a Robin Hood stand which had Roy Russell running out into the cornfield looking for the arrows, I didn’t laugh much at all.

Another great day clay shooting with lots of banter.